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Set Reasonable fitness goals

You might be amongst the many women and men working out in the gym at least 3 times a week but yet not seeing any results or you might be amongst the many men and more so females who expect seeing results when visiting the gym 2-3 times a week doing a lot of cardio and partying/ drinking alcohol on the weekend and often during the week too.


I see it on a daily basis. People come and do 1-2 PT sessions a week but don’t work out on the other days or eat badly but yet expect a total body transformation.


Others walk over the gym floor with printed out programs following the newest trend from the internet or visiting gym classes but still expect to see results.


Here are the most commonly done mistakes why people do not get results:


Too much cardio & too less resistance training.

Resistance training is the key to changing the shape of your body. Performing a lot of cardio burns calories but does not change the shape of your body. If you really want to make your body shape change you need to commit to at least 3 days of a well designed resistance program and 2-3 times cardio (the right one).

Wrong cardio

If you are one of those who jumps on the cross trainer or the treadmill for 30-50min. 3 times a week you won’t be getting very far either. Cardio is important but you need to do the right cardio to make your body change. For fat loss I recommend one long cardio session 30-50min. a week and 2 high intensity cardio sessions a week which might only last 10-25min. These can be intervals or sprints but need to be performed 80-90%+ max speed. One example here: 10x 150m sprint with a 100m walk in between. If you get to the 6th sprint and you are not feeling exhausted you have been going too slow.

Resistance training is not being changed including repetitions and type of exercise. Most resistance training is performed with high repetitions.

If you go attend body pump classes or perform workouts with only high repetitions: 15-20 reps your body will not change shape. It is good too include high repetitions within a well designed program but performing high reps only will not make you more toned. Your body adapts quickly that’s how we are designed. Therefore you need to change the weight, repetitions and type of resistance training continuously.

Nutrition is not adapted.

If you are eating a diet high in sugar (including hidden sugars in e.g. sushi, sauces etc.), too many carbohydrates (and the wrong type of carbs), low protein, low fat etc. do not expect results. Your body needs all macronutrients but the right ones and the right amount. Some bread a couple times a week won’t harm or a dessert once a week if you consume a healthy, complete diet on the other days.

Alcohol consumption

A glass of wine at the end of the day, after work drinks, drinks with dinners or with friends on the weekend are all creating an obstacle for your desired fitness goal. Limit alcohol to once a week or special occasions and do not go overboard. Do not expect to achieve your fitness goal fast if you drink alcohol more than 1-2 week in moderation.

Yoyo exerciser: A yoyo exerciser tries to be good with food and exercises a lot for a few weeks and then drops off or even stops exercising and eats bad again

If you cannot create a habit with your exercise and nutrition you are walking the wrong path. It is vital to build habits for long term fitness goals. Do not do a crash diet or a 5 day workout plan if you cannot commit to it. If you are new, start slow and make a few changes in nutrition which you are able to maintain and integrate exercise twice a week to start with. Increase over time for long term results.