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Boost your brain!

 A sharp memory depends on the vitality and health of your brain.Whether you are a student or a working professional or an elderly person, several important things work together to improve the function of your brain and the mental performance. You can learn new information to enhance your cognitive abilities and thus improving your memory.


Keep your stress in check:


Stress is one of the worst enemy of your brain. If it is left unchecked, chronic stress can destroy the brain cells. Research has shown that meditation acts as a magic to fight back stress and depression. It improves your concentration level, help you to be more creative and enhance your learning and reasoning skills. Meditation helps in increasing the thickness of the cerebral cortex which encourages more connectionsbetween the brain cells. As a whole it increases the mental sharpness.


Do not skip exercise or sleep:


Physical exercise increases the supply of oxygen to your brain and lessen the risk of any mental disorder. Regular exercise increases the effects of brain chemicals and protect the brain cells. Similarly, if you are deprived of sleep ,your brain cannot function the way it should.Sleep deprivation leads to compromise on your problem solving capabilities and creative and critical thinking skills. At least eight hours of sleep is essential for memory consolidation. Sleep is the key factor to memory and learning and its deprivation can lead to disaster.


Make time for friends and fun:


When you actually do not want to be depressed or improve your memory, do you think about any serious things like a road accident? Of course, you don’t. All you think about is hanging your with friends, going out for movies or do some kind of an activity which gives you immense pleasure. Research shows that if your life is full of friends  as well as fun you get the cognitive benefits.  Human beings are social animals. It is not possible for any normal human beings live their life in isolation. A healthy relationship and interaction with others stimulate your brain. A strong support system combined with A meaningful relationships is crucial not only for your brain health but also for your emotional health. Researchers have also found that those people who have an active social life has shown the lowest rate of memory decline.


Encourage brain boosting diet:


As your body needs fuel, so does your brain.  There are some of the best brain supplements such as omega 3s that boost your brain health. Fish is a rich source of omega 3s. A few other source of omega 3s is flax-seed oil, walnut, soya beans, ground flax-seed and many more to add Even a diet based on vegetables, fruits, whole grain provides numerous benefits to improve your memory. When it is a matter of your brain, it not only depends on what you eat but also on what you do not eat.


The most important above all these is the regularity. So try to incorporate these habits into your daily routine.